• In 1996, I started to independently provide services in the areas of:

    Web Presence

    1. Management & Technology Consulting

    2. E-Commerce applications

    3. Website Development

    During the final years of the previous millennium, a large portion of my work was dedicated to ensuring Y2K compliance of large, legacy systems. Following the burst of the dot-com bubble at the dawn of the new century, a passion for building websites took hold which has grown progressively stronger ever since.

    I now focus primarily on constructing websites. Why? Because I enjoy it! And by enjoying your work, it is no longer considered a job, but a pastime.

    A website is a great way to establish a web presence. Today, presence on the world wide web is feasible not only for business, informational or promotional purposes, but each and every individual should have an identity in cyber-space, whether with a personal site, blog or merely an online hCard.

    Writing code can be challenging and fun, but can also be time-consuming. There are many content management services available, and I’ve dabbled in most of them. WordPress provides a powerful, flexible and effective platform for developing and managing websites, blogs, and networks, and I have found it to be my CMS of choice.

    My client base includes local politicians, businessmen, physicians, religious and not for profit organizations. Their testimonies can be found in the subsequent pages.

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