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Over 4 decades of professional experience in systems design, development, maintenance and support, may be a marketable asset, but the real reasons to choose Cognitive Design lie much deeper.


One of the most rewarding aspects of web development is the ability to use one’s creativity to arrive at ways of solving new problems, dilemmas, and conundrums. A person that enjoys solving puzzles is likely cut out to develop software.


Problem solving is not an inherent ability but an acquired one. Certain skills like: pragmatic thinking; the ability to break problems down into smaller, more manageable pieces; thinking out of the box, and so on, improve with repeated practice.


Passion is the main driving force behind my web development endeavors. The desire to create a beautiful, functional, work of art inspires me to stretch myself. A lot of coffee, strong coffee, also helps considerably.
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Building Websites – It’s my passion!

During the final years of the previous millennium, a large portion of my work was dedicated to ensuring Y2K compliance of large, legacy systems. Following the burst of the dot-com bubble at the dawn of the new century, a passion for building websites took hold which has grown progressively stronger ever since.

I now focus primarily on constructing websites. Why? Because I enjoy it! And by enjoying your work, it is no longer considered a job, but a pastime.

Inclusive Design for Cognitive Exclusion
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