The Ever-Changing Face of SEO

As anyone who’s been tasked with the SEO of a website knows, getting to the top of search results is a moving target. We’ve become accustomed to terms like Google Algorithms, Rankbrain (artificial intelligence), Structured Data, Mobile First Indexing, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Domain Authority.

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So Long Google+

Google Plus up in Smoke

I’d heard rumblings about it over the last several months, but I was still taken aback some when I saw where Google is ending support for Google Plus this month. Google is known for being somewhat compulsive when it comes to making changes, so it’s not too surprising that they…

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Successful Host to Host Migration

When the decision was made to go forward with a full migration of 2 domains, each with WordPress Multiuser installs, a plethora of sub-domains, files that have accumulated over the last 2 decades and a dozen email accounts, I was sweating a long, drawn-out endeavor that would occupy all the…

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On Domain Registration

Domain names are tracked and controlled by InterNIC, the Internet’s Network Information Center and ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Working within the confines of these agencies are a handful of organizations authorized by RAA, Registrar Accreditation Agreement, that sell and handle domains globally. At the turn…

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Chrome OS

chrome icon

I started using Chrome browser when it first rolled out in 2008, mainly because it was faster and lighter than Firefox or Opera, and I tend to go for minimalism. In retrospect, Chrome has become the browser I use exclusively and recently I thought about why that is so.

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