About Pinboard Theme for WordPress

As of this post, this site sports a customized child theme of Pinboard for WordPress, a responsive masonry grid design by One Designs. I’ve used Pinboard in the past as a parent theme for a WordPress version of my Legacy design, which I created using HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX back when they were still new kids on the block.

Having worked with most of the top themes available, I have grown particularly fond of Pinboard. Pinboard offers a plethora of widget areas, templates and functions to help you mold your desired end product. Plus, its free, which is amazing considering all the built in features it offers.

I am a solid booster of Pinboard and have the utmost respect for the team at One Design for this work. I haven’t looked into any of their other themes yet, but I definitely intend to in the very near future.

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