My Approach

  1. Determine the scope of the work and whether interface with other process, current or anticipated, are necessary.

  2. Create requirement / design / specifications documents.

  3. Create a detailed work plan with date of completion.

  4. Apply the design to physical components.

  5. Test and provide quality assurance on coded modules.

  6. Implement project into “live” status.

  7. Follow-up and provide support for the duration.


  • Detail design and specifications document.

  • Work plan document.

  • Progress status reports with milestones.

  • A beautiful, fully functional website.

Server-side Considerations

Other facets of having a website are hosting and domain ownership. There are many web hosting services available running the gamut as far as cost and the number of domain registrars has increased globally in the last several years.

Being in a position to pass on any discounts to a perspective client, I would be able to cover hosting through a third-party service from roughly $50.00 to $100.00 per year, based on needs requirements, complexity, projected size and traffic. The cost of domain registration varies to a lesser degree, depending on the name, top level identifier (.com, .org, .me, etc.), the terms of the agreement (which is usually 1 to 5 years) and various special promotional offers that become available. Beware of the “low-ball” offer to get you started with a service as the tendency is for them to raise your prices exorbitantly after you’ve taken the bait. Also, I have found it more cost effective to deal directly with the registrar instead of relying on a “bundled” deal through a web hosting company.

Hosting and domain registration can be discussed should you be interested in moving forward.

To assist in organizing job specific details, download the client questionairre.

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