Mobile and Tablet Emulation


Since it would not be feasible to buy every popular mobile device on the market today to test applications, it is necessary as a developer to find ways to emulate various viewports. Until recently, I used Opera’s emulator that allowed the selection of device profiles from a dropdown menu. It worked fairly well though it was a little clunky.

Within the last few of months, I came across the site, which is the best solution I’ve found to date for testing website behavior on mobile and tablet devices from a desktop. It’s simple, easy to use and faster than the previous methods I used. Selection of devices is limited but covers the most popular devices, such as Apple’s iPhone 5, HTC One, Google Nexus 7, Nokia Lumia 920, iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Y. is built by developer Vangelis Bibakis for developers and is in private beta mode. There is a waiting period to register which is about a week. Use of the emulator is currently free, though subject to change following the “beta” phase.

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