The Death of FrontPage


I just received a notice from my web host that the new release of cPanel will not include support for Microsoft FrontPage. I used the Microsoft Office development tool several years ago, as it was a step up from the WYSIWYG web-builder offered by GeoCities during my introduction into creating websites, however, I eventually abandoned FrontPage in lieu of native HTML coding roughly 6 years ago.

Use of the tool was rather nice when it came to free-form page design. The problem was when it came to assigning meaningful names to elements. Tags only understandable to the code generator make for extremely difficult maintenance.

Another development tool that I became fairly astute with was Adobe Dreamweaver which also had FTP functionality. Dreamweaver seemed a little bit over complicated, as many Adobe products seem to do, so I just decided to creat code by hand. Working with the “nuts and bolts” of any form of code is the best way to understand what it is actually doing. IMHO. My motto has always been “KISS”, Keep it Simple & Stupid – that seems to work best in the long run.

The web host made sure to note that it was a decision of cPanel, not the hosting company, to cease support for FrontPage, and it certainly makes sense that if Microsoft no longer supports it, there is no reason for cPanel to. This is just another example of the quickly changing, continuing saga of web development.

Bye, Bye FrontPage. Nice knowing ya!

First published March 27, 2014 on Steadwell Design.

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