How the Cloud is Influencing Tech

server stacks

In the mid 1960s, Intel’s Gordon Moore predicted that the capacity of transistors and integrated circuits would double every year, envisioning the future of the digital revolution, hence “Moore’s Law.” As storage mediums become smaller, more powerful, and less expensive to manufacture, it has allowed for the storage of large…

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A Synopsis of CSS Preprocessors

Anyone who builds websites knows how time-consuming cascading style sheets (CSS) development can be, but delegating the task to a CSS preprocessor can alleviate the tedium and handle the “dirty work”. Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), Less (Leaner Style Sheets) and Stylus are the top CSS pre-processors used by web developers today.

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Successful Host to Host Migration

When the decision was made to go forward with a full migration of 2 domains, each with WordPress Multiuser installs, a plethora of sub-domains, files that have accumulated over the last 2 decades and a dozen email accounts, I was sweating a long, drawn-out endeavor that would occupy all the…

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The Vertex WordPress Theme

To date, I have not gone with a premium theme. I’ve always built upon free or open-source selections using a child theme for my customization. There are a few premiums though that I really would consider purchasing, such as Parallax, Divi and one that has recently caught my eye, Vertex….

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Mobile and Tablet Emulation


Since it would not be feasible to buy every popular mobile device on the market today to test applications, it is necessary as a developer to find ways to emulate various viewports. Until recently, I used Opera’s emulator that allowed the selection of device profiles from a dropdown menu. It worked fairly well though it was a little clunky.

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Twitter Bootstrap vs Zurb Foundation

In a comparison of 2 popular website building frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap squares off with Foundation from Zurb. With much focus on responsive design these days, both of these frameworks are ranked at the top. Bootstrap is currently up to version 3.2 where Foundation is now on release 5.3. Among the…

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On Domain Registration

Domain names are tracked and controlled by InterNIC, the Internet’s Network Information Center and ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Working within the confines of these agencies are a handful of organizations authorized by RAA, Registrar Accreditation Agreement, that sell and handle domains globally. At the turn…

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