Successful Host to Host Migration

When the decision was made to go forward with a full migration of 2 domains, each with WordPress Multiuser installs, a plethora of sub-domains, files that have accumulated over the last 2 decades and a dozen email accounts, I was sweating a long, drawn-out endeavor that would occupy all the…

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The Vertex WordPress Theme

To date, I have not gone with a premium theme. I’ve always built upon free or open-source selections using a child theme for my customization. There are a few premiums though that I really would consider purchasing, such as Parallax, Divi and one that has recently caught my eye, Vertex….

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Mobile and Tablet Emulation


Since it would not be feasible to buy every popular mobile device on the market today to test applications, it is necessary as a developer to find ways to emulate various viewports. Until recently, I used Opera’s emulator that allowed the selection of device profiles from a dropdown menu. It worked fairly well though it was a little clunky.

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