Resource Management

Control – Sounds like an OCD hangup

The sad truth is, there are not enough resources available to get exactly what you want out of life. Sometimes, and perhaps most of the time, you must adjust your level of expectations.


Depending on the size of the endeavor, building a website is essentially software system development project. As with any project of this sort, the more time spent up front in the planning and design phases, the more likely the success of the final deliverable. The 2 most important resources for any of us are time and money, and even money can fall into the category of time, if the former is efficiently spent making the latter. Unless the size and scope of the project warrant the staffing of more than 1 or 2 human resources, the need for a project management role is really unnecessary. However, if there is a business deadline, or “drop dead” date, the need for rigid control is essential.

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