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A Synopsis of CSS Preprocessors

Anyone who builds websites knows how time-consuming cascading style sheets (CSS) development can be, but delegating the task to a CSS preprocessor can alleviate the tedium and handle the “dirty work”. Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), Less (Leaner Style Sheets) and Stylus are the top CSS pre-processors used by web developers today.

Mobile and Tablet Emulation

Since it would not be feasible to buy every popular mobile device on the market today to test applications, it is necessary as a developer to find ways to emulate various viewports. Until recently, I used Opera’s emulator that allowed the selection of device profiles from a dropdown menu. It worked fairly well though it was a little clunky.

Twitter Bootstrap vs Zurb Foundation

In a comparison of 2 popular website building frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap squares off with Foundation from Zurb. With much focus on responsive …

The Death of FrontPage

I just received a notice from my web host that the new release of cPanel will not include support for Microsoft FrontPage. I used the Microsoft Office development tool several years ago, as it was a step up from the WYSIWYG web-builder offered by GeoCities during my introduction into creating websites, however, I eventually abandoned FrontPage in lieu of native HTML coding roughly 6 years ago.